Dedicated. Aggressive. Passionate.

D. Ramirez

My brother was about to get life for murder if it wasn't for Sheila. She was not the first attorney,, but save the best for last right? Well, my brother is free now because of her. She also treated him like he was a human being. I have never seen...

Jhon Hanson

I am so very grateful for Sheila Mohsini! I am exceptionally happy with my decision to hire her as my attorney! She very professional and personable at the same time! She gained my trust rather early because she was committed to giving me the answers to my questions and she...

Dung Irving

I hired Shelia for a case and she did 100% great. My brother was looking at a 25 to life case. Sheila got him off . She is the best and I am going to hire her again.. keep her on a retainer just in case... Best lawyer around. JD

bert smith

She is a bright light in Criminal Defense and very skilled. I would hire her for any criminal defense matter. She has successfully defended all kinds of felony and misdemeanor cases!

Timothy Weber

I saw a very good answer from Attorney Mohsini and went back to read her other answers. She knows the law, and has common sense as well.